Sunday, December 11, 2011

More missing months in photos.

In no particular order... As I've mentioned, the layout for blogger isn't exactly ideal for people uploading many pictures at a time.

This year Owey was an octopus for Halloween. His favorite color is orange. He is the first to spot an octopus in a movie or TV show and he often blames thing on an imaginary octopus. It was crafted by my dear friend Emily. I think this will be the last year I will get to pick his costume for him.
The deer hang out in our backyard (and front yard) a lot. They even come up on the back porch.

For the third year in a row, a group of us got together for the latest Twilight movie. I'm the most die hard of the bunch, but they humor me. We have a good time no matter what. I think this was the best yet. Thanks Nat and Sharpsky.

<3 Nat.

The full effect of the octopus costume.

Rewind to summer! His hair was ridiculously curly this summer, and I adored it. He's pretty much posing in this picture.

Owen and great grandma ruth!

Eliot, Owey's bestie.

My little rotten turkey.

The streamers from the ceiling at the Pittsburgh childrens museum.

Painting <3

My mom and Owey on the top floor of the children's museum. The "swimming pool" floor.

Jude and O.

Giant lite bright.


In his "scarecrow" shirt.

My guys.

Goof ball.

<3 my loves.

Shiloh, VA's offspring #2

Born to be a mother.

Baby. I want another one.

Owey and his cousins on the back porch.

Cousin Honor.