Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love this kid.

When he gets up from his naps, he always looks like a little cherub. Today, it was especially warm in his room during his nap, so he got a little warm. When he gets a little warm, the hair gets a little curlier than usual. I love it, personally.

We say, "allllllll done!" and he's starting to get the hang of it as well. It's pretty much adorable.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Disappear Completely.

So... Things are kind of rough these days.

It seems like one good thing happens, and then three bad things happen directly afterward. For example, we got a handy man for a very reasonable price, who (together with Clint's assistance) finished the hallway and removed the sink and replaced the wall in the laundry room. Clint has been sanding window frames and hopes to do a lot of painting done next week. House renovations in preparation to put it on the market = good stuff.

So, then comes some bad stuff. Last Thursday, I had a dentist appointment. For a very long time, I have known that I have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). If you are unfamiliar, basically, it's a misalignment of the joints in my jaw. It causes a lot of different symptoms, but MINE include: headaches, clicking (to the point where I have had a meal with someone and they ask, 'what is that noise?' 'yeah, it's my jaw clicking.'), sometimes dizziness, and the worst of all - clenching. I clench my jaw all the time. I will wake up in the morning and my jaw will be clenched. I will be sitting at my desk and realize I have been clenching my jaw for who knows how long. I catch myself doing it all day. Well, for the past few weeks, I thought I might have had a cavity, because when I would drink something cold, or have something sweet, like a big old glass of Riesling... I would have some sensitivity in my lower left set of teeth. I expressed this to my dental hygienist, and she pointed it out to the dentist. He examined. I'm laying in the reclined chair, mouth wide open when I hear, "Oh, you have a crack in one of your lower left teeth... Here's another one on the other side!" So, apparently, I have been clenching my jaw hard enough and long enough that I have started cracking my teeth.

So, I am scheduled to have my teeth molded next week so that I can have a splint made to wear at night so I don't clench my teeth when I'm sleeping. This is of course, conveniently not covered by my dental insurance. Another option is to get braces. Believe me, I don't exactly dig the idea of having braces as an adult, but if it will prevent me cracking all my teeth and reducing the crazy headaches caused by all of this, I will consider. The option I will not even consider is surgery. The idea of having part of my jaw bones scraped off, and then having my jaw wired shut for weeks so it may heal does NOT sound like an excellent time.

So, that's that.

The next thing, which is both a good and bad thing at the same time, is that I sold my VW bug to a coworker. This is good because I no longer have a car payment and our monthly gas budget will be reduced. But it's bad because I no longer have a car, and I loved that car. Honestly, it was a little ridiculous having a toddler and a tiny two-door car, whose trunk did not even accommodate his stroller... With Clint being laid off right now, we sincerely do not need two cars. I walk to work. We are home together through the week. We very rarely drive separately anymore. Clint and I made a deal that when he gets a new job or we sell the house, whichever comes first, I can get a new car. I am pretty much decided on a Honda or a Nissan. I really want a CRV or a Rogue, but I would also take an Element, Murano or maybe even a Versa. Those are my possibilities.

And, very sadly, my great Aunt Katie died on Monday. She was 91. She was one of my late grandmother's many siblings, only one of which are still with us, my great Aunt Helen. Aunt Katie's funeral was today. Despite the fact that it was a very sad occasion, a lot of my family from out of town got to meet Owen at the viewing last night. He was actually very brave while there, not his usual timid self. He was walking around the entire first floor, and even grabbing random people's legs! He must have known he was among family.

Oh, and Clint found out he is making little more than half of what he made in unemployment the last time he was laid off! So, I am going to have to be creative with our budget until he goes back to work. Please pray that he finds a new job and that we are able to sell our house. This is wearing me down. I feel like I need a vacation from my life. I should start entering contests to have an all expense paid vacation to somewhere beautiful and stress free. Just for a week. Wonder what my odds would be... My mom thinks I'm pretty lucky.

Random good things this week:
Seeing dearly loved family that I don't get to see nearly enough.
Owen saying "Mama" completely unprovoked to get my attention.
New Moon on DVD, obviously.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Park, part two.

We made a play date at the park today. Me, my mom, and the bug, and we invited Erin and Alexander along. It was slightly colder than last time, so we had to bundle up. Owen played his usual - the timid kid for the majority of the time we are some place, warming up around the time we are getting ready to leave...

The boys.
Managed to get a great picture of Alexander!


Finally warming up.

Owey and Mamaw.

Me and my monkey.

We had to be out of the house while Daddy and our new super hero handy man fixed the wall in the laundry room. Next project on Thursday - the HALLWAY.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A day at the (Wheeling) park!

First of all, this might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Owen keeps trying to rest his head on Frankie.
Today, we decided we should go out for lunch and take Owen to the park, because the weather has been in the mid sixties and sunny! There are still heaps of snow all over the place, but it's melting, slowly but surely.

We were pretty sure he would be in a good mood after we found him like this:

Owen can be kind of timid. If we are in a store somewhere, he will ride in a cart patiently, or he will want carried. Even though he has walked for several months, he is very shy about it in public. He will just stand in one place and look around until he gets nervous and starts tugging on his clothes and then starts crying.

We were afraid the park would be the same way. We were wrong! At first, he didn't want us to set him down, but after a quick trip down the big kids' slide with Daddy, he was a little more comfortable. We walked over the little kids' swings, and put him in. He was only nervous about it for a minute, and then he was all. over. it. He loved it! He squealed, he giggled, he smiled. He adored the swings.
A little nervous, with his big blue eyes...

Starting to enjoy this...

Wow, this thing goes fast!

Okay, I love it.

I don't want to ever get off this thing.

Then we let him go down the little kids' slide by himself. Loved it. Wasn't even nervous. First time down, smiling all the way.

We were extremely excited to see that he wanted to walk around and explore things. At first he stood still for a few minutes... then took a few tentative steps... then he was basically running around the playground. He also walked through the grass by himself. In true boy fashion, he headed straight for the mud and walked through as many puddles as he could find. When we picked him up to leave, he actually cried and tried to get back down. I think I have a little outdoorsman.

Is it okay to walk around in my awesome shoes?

Daddy, keeping Owen away from the mud.

And thanks to "Billy's Mom" for taking a family picture!

This sums up the day for me, pretty much...

And, I'm in love. Clint somehow ruined his cell phone charger, so he went to Verizon to buy a new phone. He hadn't bought one in over three years. I just got a new one last February (my beloved red Blackberry). But, the dude at the cell phone place said we were both eligible for a new phone. Since we already had the "smart phone" package, Clint decided he would finally cave and get a Blackberry. There was a deal where you could get two Blackberrys for $250 with a $200 mail in rebate!!!! So, I am the proud owner of a new 8530 Blackberry Curve. It's so fast. It takes awesome pictures (all the above were taken with my phone.) It's sleek. It's easy. I love it. And Clint is so fascinated with it, we barely spoke last night, he was playing with his phone! He doesn't know how he ever lived without it. I think I have made a lifelong commitment to the Blackberry brand.
Me: It's lavender, which is probably the last color I would ever buy, but I think it's pretty.
Clint: I think it's more of a jasmine color.
(Me and Laura stare at Clint like he has two heads.)
And thanks Laura, Shawn and Andy for having us over last night! We had a blast! And thanks for burning The Hurt Locker for us!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I had a dream last night that I met Stephen King and his wife, and Stephen King's number one fan told me he loved me...?

Maybe because I want to read Pet Sematary because Natalie said it's awesome? Or maybe not.

Clint's first week at home has been pretty good. He sanded a bunch of window sills to get ready to repaint. Unfortunately, I had 3 meetings for work this week and spent a bunch of time away from the house. I also had a very, very important date with Mrs. Laura Jackson Roberts. There were crab legs. And stellar conversation. And Riesling. Only for me, she's got a baby cooking.

This week has been improved by good friends, good mix CDs, losing 2.5lbs and my little monkey.

His new favorite "playtime" activity is chasing me around the house. If you have been to our apartment, you know there is a mile-long hallway. I will get his attention, run up the hallway and hide in one of the rooms. He literally cackles. He laughs so hard. When he finds me, I say "boo!" and run to another room. He will laugh about this for 20+ minutes. He laughed even harder when I hid behind the arm of the couch and he snuck up on me.

Owen has started repeating things I say to him. All done, good job, thank you... It's hardly recognizable as real words, but I know what he's saying :)

Good stuff.