Sunday, December 11, 2011

More missing months in photos.

In no particular order... As I've mentioned, the layout for blogger isn't exactly ideal for people uploading many pictures at a time.

This year Owey was an octopus for Halloween. His favorite color is orange. He is the first to spot an octopus in a movie or TV show and he often blames thing on an imaginary octopus. It was crafted by my dear friend Emily. I think this will be the last year I will get to pick his costume for him.
The deer hang out in our backyard (and front yard) a lot. They even come up on the back porch.

For the third year in a row, a group of us got together for the latest Twilight movie. I'm the most die hard of the bunch, but they humor me. We have a good time no matter what. I think this was the best yet. Thanks Nat and Sharpsky.

<3 Nat.

The full effect of the octopus costume.

Rewind to summer! His hair was ridiculously curly this summer, and I adored it. He's pretty much posing in this picture.

Owen and great grandma ruth!

Eliot, Owey's bestie.

My little rotten turkey.

The streamers from the ceiling at the Pittsburgh childrens museum.

Painting <3

My mom and Owey on the top floor of the children's museum. The "swimming pool" floor.

Jude and O.

Giant lite bright.


In his "scarecrow" shirt.

My guys.

Goof ball.

<3 my loves.

Shiloh, VA's offspring #2

Born to be a mother.

Baby. I want another one.

Owey and his cousins on the back porch.

Cousin Honor.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some new photos of the house.

Computer/den area.

Living room to dining room.

Living room to other areas.




Den, where we spend most of our time.

We've just done the bathroom, so updated pictures to follow. And I still need to take pictures of the upstairs.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been years, I know.

Since my last blog post, things have been more crazy than ever. Ever as in, the infinite sense.

Since we got an offer for the house on Owen's birthday, things have magically fallen into place. I remember saying to Natalie, "things have to work out eventually, right?" Eventually finally came.

On February 24, we closed on the apartment and the Bird House. The apartment was no longer ours, and instead we now own something so perfect for us, it makes us all so happy.

The closing was a very hard day. I worked the night before, went home, shortly after went to the first closing, went and bought appliances, had lunch, slept for one hour and then went to the second closing. It was a loooong day. On top of that, we still didn't have everything packed, and we had so much to do. I can't remember ever being so exhausted.

On February 26, Owen spent the day with Mamaw, and Mommy and Daddy hired some movers and took up residence in the Bird House. We bought a new washer and dryer, refrigerator, and furniture and TV for the finished basement. Oh, a king-sized sleigh bed. Favorite. Thing. Ever.

It's been three months, and I'm surprised to say we are not completely unpacked. We have done little improvements all over the place. A new faucet. Took down some hideous shelves and repainted. Put in a new mailbox to replace the ancient one. We have discovered a leaky pipe connecting the two bathroom sinks that we are dealing with this week. The mortgage payment every month makes my heart race. But... we love it here.

There is so much green and color surrounding us. In the winter we had four deer that regularly showed up to be fed. Next winter I will give them names. Whoever lived here before us had several green thumbs, there are so many flowers and plants and GREEN. Owen has a crab-shaped sandbox on the patio. The cats sit at the sliding glass door and watch the birds and chipmunks and dream of being outside cats.

We have a two car garage, which is one of my favorite things. Since I bought my new car, I'd like to take as good care of it as possible, so it can be Owen's first car ;). One project I'd like to take on maybe this summer or fall is electric garage door openers. Who doesn't have those? Us.

Down the street, (and I should point out that it is a dead-end street that is very safe to walk on, and probably about a half a mile long), there is a Head Start, where I hope Owen will spend his first official year of school. Behind the school is a playground designed for very little people, so it has become Owen's favorite place ever. He wakes up from his nap asking for "Park?"

We had some unhappy times in the apartment. Clint was laid off for two really long stretches of time. That caused financial issues I hope to never experience again. However, no matter how difficult that time period was... our son was born while we lived there, and I will cherish memories of him taking his first steps down that loooooong hallway, among others. Without having lived in that apartment, we wouldn't be able to be where we are now, which is perfect.

I'm on PTO for a few days, so pictures will follow. But for now, the kid is up.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where have two years gone?

These pictures are out of order. I wish Blogger would have a better system for uploading pictures, I would seriously post more often if it wasn't such a hassle to upload five pictures at a time.

Daddy and Owey the day of his party. How cute is this kid? Owen's new BFF, Eliot.

Nat and El

Two years old. In the tub.

Lily Dilly in profile.

Me and the monkey. Love him.

Owen got to take a special trip to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday. Here he is driving a car with Mr. Stuart Little.
He really likes bath toys.

Pointing out his teeth.

Rotten, like his dad.

So fun!

Thanks for showing me what to do, Daddy!

Apparently he loves Cheetos.

Running up and down the hall with Bruiser.
Owey just had his two year doctor's appointment today. He's about 26lbs, 34 inches tall. Long and lean. All his weight is in his cheeks. He doesn't say many words, about 25ish, but he understands MANY. He can point to all his body parts, many many animals, can follow simple commands, and respond by nodding or shaking his head. He's smart. He actually sat patiently while Dr. M examined him and only got upset when he had to look in his mouth (and said, "Oh, does he suck his thumb?") By the way, still LOVING the new pediatrician. So glad we switched. AND! His lead levels are completely back to normal.
I would blog more, but the monkey has just woken up from his nap! Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Christmas with the Amies

Some new friends. His train stool.

First glimpse of the train on Christmas morning. Big hit.

"Choo choo!"

Some new books.

I really like wrapping presents.


Owen had just as much fun decorating the tree.

He really liked the strands of beads.

And the glittery bulbs. He only broke one and pulled the hooks out of five or six... :/

Lights... I love this picture. It sums up his awe of all things Christmas.


Helping Daddy with the bulbs.

Decorating Frank.