Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been years, I know.

Since my last blog post, things have been more crazy than ever. Ever as in, the infinite sense.

Since we got an offer for the house on Owen's birthday, things have magically fallen into place. I remember saying to Natalie, "things have to work out eventually, right?" Eventually finally came.

On February 24, we closed on the apartment and the Bird House. The apartment was no longer ours, and instead we now own something so perfect for us, it makes us all so happy.

The closing was a very hard day. I worked the night before, went home, shortly after went to the first closing, went and bought appliances, had lunch, slept for one hour and then went to the second closing. It was a loooong day. On top of that, we still didn't have everything packed, and we had so much to do. I can't remember ever being so exhausted.

On February 26, Owen spent the day with Mamaw, and Mommy and Daddy hired some movers and took up residence in the Bird House. We bought a new washer and dryer, refrigerator, and furniture and TV for the finished basement. Oh, a king-sized sleigh bed. Favorite. Thing. Ever.

It's been three months, and I'm surprised to say we are not completely unpacked. We have done little improvements all over the place. A new faucet. Took down some hideous shelves and repainted. Put in a new mailbox to replace the ancient one. We have discovered a leaky pipe connecting the two bathroom sinks that we are dealing with this week. The mortgage payment every month makes my heart race. But... we love it here.

There is so much green and color surrounding us. In the winter we had four deer that regularly showed up to be fed. Next winter I will give them names. Whoever lived here before us had several green thumbs, there are so many flowers and plants and GREEN. Owen has a crab-shaped sandbox on the patio. The cats sit at the sliding glass door and watch the birds and chipmunks and dream of being outside cats.

We have a two car garage, which is one of my favorite things. Since I bought my new car, I'd like to take as good care of it as possible, so it can be Owen's first car ;). One project I'd like to take on maybe this summer or fall is electric garage door openers. Who doesn't have those? Us.

Down the street, (and I should point out that it is a dead-end street that is very safe to walk on, and probably about a half a mile long), there is a Head Start, where I hope Owen will spend his first official year of school. Behind the school is a playground designed for very little people, so it has become Owen's favorite place ever. He wakes up from his nap asking for "Park?"

We had some unhappy times in the apartment. Clint was laid off for two really long stretches of time. That caused financial issues I hope to never experience again. However, no matter how difficult that time period was... our son was born while we lived there, and I will cherish memories of him taking his first steps down that loooooong hallway, among others. Without having lived in that apartment, we wouldn't be able to be where we are now, which is perfect.

I'm on PTO for a few days, so pictures will follow. But for now, the kid is up.

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