Thursday, March 4, 2010


I had a dream last night that I met Stephen King and his wife, and Stephen King's number one fan told me he loved me...?

Maybe because I want to read Pet Sematary because Natalie said it's awesome? Or maybe not.

Clint's first week at home has been pretty good. He sanded a bunch of window sills to get ready to repaint. Unfortunately, I had 3 meetings for work this week and spent a bunch of time away from the house. I also had a very, very important date with Mrs. Laura Jackson Roberts. There were crab legs. And stellar conversation. And Riesling. Only for me, she's got a baby cooking.

This week has been improved by good friends, good mix CDs, losing 2.5lbs and my little monkey.

His new favorite "playtime" activity is chasing me around the house. If you have been to our apartment, you know there is a mile-long hallway. I will get his attention, run up the hallway and hide in one of the rooms. He literally cackles. He laughs so hard. When he finds me, I say "boo!" and run to another room. He will laugh about this for 20+ minutes. He laughed even harder when I hid behind the arm of the couch and he snuck up on me.

Owen has started repeating things I say to him. All done, good job, thank you... It's hardly recognizable as real words, but I know what he's saying :)

Good stuff.


  1. crab legs, mixed cds, reisling!! some of my fav. things as well!

    I have often wondered about the Stephen King books too! I've never read any of them. "IT," the movie still scares the begeezus out of me-- I always was scare to walk by the sewers when I was little. So creepy.

  2. Dude! I have my own category now! Awesome!