Monday, April 26, 2010

The following pictures are totally out of order, and it's more complicated than you think to rearrange pictures in Blogger once you upload them. So... here they are... out of order, bear with me.

At the Columbus Zoo, all of the kids and Clint. From left, Owey, Clint, Abbie, Andrew, Allie and Adam (wedged between the l and the t!)
Allie, Adam, Andrew and Owey in the Asian part of the Columbus Zoo.

This little man took a thirty minute nap on the way to the zoo, and lasted almost the whole day without a nap. Needless to say, Clint and I bet on how long it would take him to fall asleep once we were in the car. He fell asleep exactly four minutes out.

Allie was teaching Owey how to write with a pen. We keep noticing Owen favoring his left hand for things. Do we have a little South Paw on our hands?

Andrew became Owen's new favorite person. Andrew, always the wonderful big brother, was happy to oblige.

The Amie fam.

Me and Abbie walking to Adam's soccer game! Andrew, me, Abbie, Allie and Owen at Adam's soccer game!

The Kimmins fam at the Columbus Zoo. Too bad Scott had to work!!

My little happy man. I think he's thrilled with himself because he just went #2 for the second time that day. The kid never poops, but he poops twice in a very public area... It was tricky.

Helpful kids.

Abbie feeding Owey pancakes for the first time.

As usual, we had a fantastic time visiting our friends in Columbus. We planned it so we went up on a Tuesday afternoon (Owen napped in the car on the way). We got to go to Adam's soccer game and grill with Cristie and the gang. Owen did not like the group bath, but still managed to sleep a full 12 hours in a pack-n-play. Great success! The next morning we got up, had a big breakfast, packed a picnic lunch and went to the Columbus Zoo! The zoo was great! My favorite part was seeing monkey families. There were two new baby monkeys being held by their mommies with the daddies looking over their shoulders.
All the kids had a good time! I don't know if Owen got a lot of out of the animals, but he sure enjoyed pushing his stroller around! Aside from the fact that he barely napped all day, we were pretty thrilled with how he behaved. Toward the end he got a little stubborn and grumpy, but it worked out.
We are looking forward to visiting Columbus again soon to see the Kimmins gang again!

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