Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's been a long time.

First off, I should apologize to my faithful reader(s) - Virginia, who informed me that she is disappointed every day when she looks at my blog and I have not updated. I'm sorry Virg.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. The most exciting thing is that Owen is sleeping like a champ. At 10 weeks we started his bedtime routine, and since then, he has started sleeping longer and longer, and he has been consistently sleeping 9-10 hours each night. So, we had said that after 2 weeks of sleeping through the night, we would try out putting him in his own room to sleep at night. We had been preparing for a couple weeks by putting him down for naps in his own room, so he's not confused when he wakes up, he knows what room he is in. So, we actually ended up waiting 3 weeks to move him to his own room (I think it was an accident, because there was no reason to wait longer). So, last Friday (April 10, at two days shy of 3 months), we put him to sleep in his own room. We fully expected to have him wake up sometime in the middle of the night. We laid him down, put on the wombs sounds bear, and I turned on this little "under the sea" lamp that projects a bluish light. We did not hear a peep out of him all night. Since Friday, he has been sleeping in his room, sleeping ALL night, and not even crying in the morning. When he wakes up in the morning, he just sucks his thumb and makes little grunts until we come check on him. He always gives us a really big smile when he first sees us. It's incredible. This morning, he slept almost 12 hours. I put him in bed around 9:15pm last night, and we didn't get him out of his crib until 9am. He does this funny little thing, he shoots his legs straight up in the air and sort of twists himself around. For instance, one night I put him to bed laying longways in his crib, and he must have done his little thing so many times, he was laying shortways. I had to ask Clint if he moved him in the middle of the night.
He also seems to really like his bumper.

He is also making other little milestones. He smiles in response to voice and other smiles. He yells when no one is paying attention to him! If Clint and I are having a conversation in the kitchen and Owen is in his swing, if we don't talk to him for a couple minutes, he yells so we look at him! It's so cute. He has started sort of laughing, more like an attempt to laugh. He hasn't had a giggle or a full-on belly laugh just yet, but I think it's coming any day. He saw himself in the mirror for the first time last week. He has also started reaching and grabbing for things he wants. He will hold onto something for a good 5 minutes at a time. He also wants everything in his mouth now. Big strides.

We also had his first Easter. We went to church in the morning and had dinner at my mom's. After that we went to visit my great aunts. He got a basket from us and a basket from my mom. He got some books, Pinocchio, some lotion, a little horse stuffed animal, a bunny and a little whale bank. He actually seemed interested in his Easter basket, which was cute. I of course took a million pictures.

We also had a breakfast date with Owen's best friend Alexander, who is exactly 4 days older than Owen and Erin, my new thrifty, coupon clipping, green-tastic friend.

We also had his 3-month photo shoot on Easter, which was really cute.

Owen also excels at being adorable.

Clint is home for another two weeks. No big news on his job front as of yet. I continue to find little ways to save money by using coupons and trying to obtain free things (like a $25 gift card to Rite Aid just for transferring a prescription). It's becoming such a challenge, it's so fun, like a game. I also have been buying coupons (technically not buying coupons, but buying the time it takes for the person to search for, clip and ship the coupons) on Ebay. I bought $68 dollars worth of Kashi coupons for $6.50. Yes.

This weekend, I had an excellent shopping experience. I used my Rite Aid gift card to buy like 10 things, and I only had to spend $6 out of pocket. I bought a ton of food things and some baby stuff, toilet paper and paper towels at Target. After $10 in coupons and a $25 gift card, I spent $17!!!

We watched Marley and Me, and Clint and I both cried like little girls. So good.

I have to get ready for work. Blah.


  1. Your blog is really cool! I've never taken the time to check it out-- but it is neat! The pics of baby Owen are darling! He is starting to look more like Clint-- sorry Kara--- I know I hate it when people say the kids look more like Doug ;/ After all I did all the work!!!

  2. p.s. I need some tips on saving $$... need to do the coupon thing.

  3. You have more than 1 reader! I check it semi-regularly, and am always pleased to see updates.

    Sorry about Clint. I hope it's good news in two weeks!

    And your Owen is a definite cutie!