Friday, June 19, 2009

A day in the country.

We went to Columbus yesterday to visit our friends Scott and Cristie and family. Scott is my mom's good friend's son who is about 9 years older than me, who I have known my entire life. His wife of nearly 11 years is Cristie, mom extraordinaire. They have four children: Andrew (10), Allie (7), Adam (4) and Abbie (nearly 2). They have a fantastic family and Clint and I really love spending time with them all! Scott is a pharmacist and Cristie is a stay at home super mom. All of their kids are always well behaved and polite. Andrew adores Clint. If I can be anywhere near as good a mom as Cristie, I will feel like a success.

Abbie and Allie, beautiful girls.

Owen and his curly hair, it was so humid.
This might be my favorite picture from his entire life, so far.

Owey and Pony

Allie swinging.

Cristie giving Owen his first sink bath. It was so hot, she stuck him in there to cool him. He barely napped at all, poor little bubba.

The cornhole twins. "Should we hug?" Ha! Clint said, "Thank God I didn't wear my camo cargo shorts. We would have matched."


Me pushing Adam on the swing. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Andrew this trip. Part of him is to the left.
Abbie adored Owey. She might give Lily Dilly a run for her money. Owen was surprised and confused about Abbie's public displays of affection all day, especially the many full on kisses on the lips!! Maybe she just wanted his bumbo seat...

It was an awesome trip. Clint and Scott want to go golfing sometime, so maybe we will see them again soon. We usually spend the night when we go up, but this time was too spur of the moment, and I was worried Owen was still a little too young to make that long a trip from home.
I got stung by something, and now have a little bite on my middle finger of all places.
On the way home, we passed silos, and Clint said:
"What's in those?"
"Corn," I said.
"That's it?"
"Well, in one there is corn, and then in the smaller ones is oil and butter. Then the popcorn comes out that top part."
"Then they bag it up and send it to movie theatres?"
"That's right."
"Shut up."
I love the hubs. Good times.

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