Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day!

Here's a picture of my guys on Father's Day! This year, all Clint wanted for Father's Day was new shorts. So I bought him camo cargo shorts and some new khaki shorts (and of course a few shirts to go with them.)

Typically in the past, Father's Day has been a black day that for the past 14 years I purposefully avoided celebrating. But now, my baby's daddy (lol), my dear husband deserves to be celebrated.

Unfortunately - Aside from giving him his presents, I only saw him for a few hours, because I had to work the night before. I had every intention of only taking a nap before his family reunion scheduled to begin at noon that day. He tried to wake me up at 11am, and I think I may have growled at him. So... I missed the reunion this year. He took Owen, and said they had a good time.

Clint said it was a good Father's Day. Considering this was his first real one, with nothing to compare it to- I think I should try to improve next year...

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