Sunday, October 4, 2009

30 things I love about my husband on his 30th birthday.

1. First and foremost, he is the most incredible father to our son. I could not have dreamed up a better father for my child.

2. The first night we met, he approached me after my shift as a waitress at the Alpha. It was late at night, I had on no makeup, and I probably smelled like restaurant kitchen and he still wanted my number.

3. He asked me to dance to a slow song playing on iTunes right before we had our first kiss. (swoon)…. FYI, the song was “I was just thinking” by Teitur.

4. Our first Valentines Day together, he sent both me AND my mother flowers.

5. On October 9, 2005, after ten months of dating, he took me on a walk to a gazebo filled with flowers and asked me to dance again. He got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen in my life.

6. Earlier that day, he asked my mother’s permission to propose to me.

7. On our wedding day, December 16, 2006, exactly two years after our first date, he had a full arm cast and didn’t complain about it except to say that he needed help buttoning his tux pants.

8. He got that broken arm two weeks before our wedding while playing basketball with kids at a children’s home.

9. He has shared many of his firsts with me, a couple of which include his first live NFL game, his first time on a plane and his first time seeing the ocean. (And he was spoiled, because the first time he saw the ocean, we were in the Caribbean, and now the Atlantic or Pacific will never be as exciting!)

10. Whenever I feel ugly, he tells me that I’m beautiful.

11. When we first moved in together the summer of 2005, I told him that if I was going to spend time in the kitchen preparing a meal for us, he was going to spend time in the kitchen after the meal doing dishes. After almost five years, he still does the dishes every night.

12. When I work on the weekends and have to sleep through the day, when I get home in the mornings, he always makes the bed for me.

13. When I was pregnant, he rubbed my feet whenever I asked him to.

14. The first couple of months after Owen was born, Clint got up in the middle of the night with me for every feeding and diaper change.

15. I haven’t changed the cats’ litter box in years, because he has taken on that glorious task.

16. I recently finished reading “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. I had Clint start it as soon as I was finished, and he read the whole book in less than three days, only reading in the evenings. He loved the book for the same reason I did, because he imagined the boy in the story as our son, and he had to finish the book as quickly as possible to make sure that the boy survived. (Side note – excellent book by the way).

17. He looks the other way when I buy another pair of shoes.

18. On our first date, we were sitting on my couch in my dorm room watching Vanilla Sky, and he was examining my big red watch (that my Aunt Karen gave me for a birthday one year, I loved that watch) and he kind of sighed/laughed and said, “You’re cool.” I knew I had him then.

19. He is committed to everything he does. His family. His job. His Pittsburgh Steelers.

20. After too many years, we are involved in a church together, which has been more rewarding and fulfilling than I imagined it would. We love everyone at our church and have made some fantastic friends through it. (Especially my play date ladies!) With my new schedule, unfortunately I don’t get to go as often as I would like, but Clint takes Owen almost every Sunday, and that makes me very happy.

21. Whether he likes it or not, everything I cook for him, he eats. He tells me that he likes everything, but fortunately for him I can tell when he’s lying so I know not to cook that again. The best is when I cook something that he loves.

22. He always knows when I need a new bottle of water.

23. When it was just the two of us, we could sit and watch movies or a television marathon all day and not be bored. Adding Owen to the mix complicated that a little bit. Owen does get bored.

24. He always takes the trash out.

25. He lets me sit on the computer and read all my celebrity gossip websites, even though we both know it is a total waste of time.

26. He isn’t jealous of my slight obsession with Edward Cullen.

27. When we go to Dave and Busters, he always gives me extra tokens off of his game card.

28. He wears polar bear pajama pants.

29. He always lets me steal one (or three) of his french fries.

30. I love him because of the way he loves me.

Happy Birthday Hugga Bugga! I love you for these 30 reasons and for 30 thousand others.

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