Friday, February 26, 2010

Layoff 2.0.

So, stupid me for thinking that things were going great...

Today, (Friday) Clint comes home around 11:30am. He looks upset. As soon as I see him I know there is only one reason he would be upset to be home at 11:30am on a Friday. He got laid off again. He was only back for five months.

This isn't fair.

He said he isn't going to wait around for his employer to hire him back like he did last time. He's going to start searching for a new job right away. He is also going to take this time to do some work on the apartment we have been wanting to do. The wall in the laundry room, finishing the wall in the hallway, painting, etc. Our goal is to get this place on the market by the end of March.

Around the same time we are losing our insurance. I'm going to pick up insurance for Owen, but we are going to risk it and not have insurance for ourselves.


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