Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One year. Already?

Owen had his one-year doctor's appointment today. He weighs 21lbs and 10oz. He is 31 inches long. His ears are healthy. He's hitting all his milestones. He's getting to be a big boy.
It seems like just yesterday I was getting a first glimpse of what he would look like...

Three days old.Almost a year old.Enjoying cake on his birthday.
This is going to be a hard week. First off, he's getting a ton of new teeth. I can't even say for sure how many he has right now. At least eight... But, he's getting molars on the top and bottom, which the doctor said makes his ears feel like they have to pop. We thought he was swiping at his ears because his hair tickles them!
Also, it's time to stop the bottle. The doctor gave me the option of slowing it down gradually or quitting cold turkey. I chose to quit cold turkey. So the last bottle he will ever had was this morning. Single tear... Apparently, I should have been weaning him off the bottle for the past couple of months. Bad mommy! So now, he's just supposed to eat "meals" and a bedtime snack. He's actually pretty good about eating. Tonight he had a little bit of what we were having. I'm going to continue pushing fruits and veggies, and I have to still push the regular milk. He just does not like it! The doctor said after a couple of months he should get used to it. So... hopefully we don't have a hungry baby waking up in the middle of the night. Cross your fingers.

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