Monday, February 1, 2010

An apple a day DOES NOT keep the doctor away, apparently.

So things are pretty crappy around here. And I mean that literally.

It all started last weekend, when Clint took Owen to MedExpress because he had a high fever. 102.5 to be exact. That's not SO high, but too high for us to be comfortable. They said he had an ear infection in his left ear. They gave him a three-day antibiotic. On the third day of the antibiotic he started developing cold symptoms, coughing, sneezing and some congestion. We thought, well, the antibiotic is still in his system, let's give it a couple of days to work it's way out.

Stop reading here if you don't want to hear about poop.

Come Friday, most of his cold symptoms are gone, but now we have new awesome symptoms. Poop. Poop.... all day. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind changing a poopy diaper once or twice a day. It reminds me that everything is working right. But the little one started going six and seven times a day, which is SO unlike him it's not funny. And you mothers know, when a baby is pooping that much, that little caboose gets IRRITATED. His little butt got so red that we were scared to clean him up. Also, every time he goes, he strains so hard that his little face gets red, and he grunts, and then he cries. Something was not right.

So, we took him to the emergency room Sunday morning. They did a chest and abdominal X-ray to make sure he didn't have pneumonia or any obstruction in his bowels. They said his intestines were full of stool. They prescribed a cream for his irritated bum and said to push fluids.

FYI, this kid HATES all medical personnel. The whole day kind of took it out of him. He fell asleep Sunday night in his high chair halfway through his sweet potato.

Owen and Daddy in the emergency room.

So, today, Monday, he's still pooping nonstop. I call his regular pediatrician, and she says to give him a laxative and check back with her NEXT WEDNESDAY. I might be getting a new pediatrician soon... All day long he wanted to be held. He didn't play. He didn't walk around and break stuff. He pooped, cried and wanted held.

So, keep my little monkey in your prayers. His little red bum needs to feel better.

AND! On top of all of this, I am probably sicker than I have been in years. I started feeling sick on Wednesday. I figured I picked up whatever bug my little bug had. I still went to my wellness meeting (and for the record, I have lost 25lbs... thank you very much) and then the gym, which I regretted. My lungs were burning. Thursday I felt a little worse. Friday, I felt like I was going to die. My chest was congested, and I was blowing my nose every 10 minutes. I said, I can't stay up all night and work while feeling this way. I called off of work and went to MedExpress the minute Clint got home from work that afternoon. They said it's probably the beginning of bronchitis. They gave me an antibiotic, these little pearl things to swallow that are supposed to relieve coughing, and an inhaler!!! I have never used an inhaler in my life. Saturday, I went to the grocery store even though I was still feeling crappy. After the grocery store, I felt like I was going to die again. I can hear the congestion in my chest when I breath. So, I didn't go to work again. (I'm pretty sure this is the first time in my life that I have called off two days in a row.) By Sunday, I'm thinking, why am I not feeling better? Is the antibiotic not working? And then we spent a big chunk of time in the emergency room for Owen. So I called off AGAIN. Fortunately, I work with very understanding people, so I appreciate all of your help. So today, the day of poop and crying, I'm still sick as a dog, having trouble breathing, and through an entire box of tissues. I called the doctors back and they have given me a stronger antibiotic. Pray that this one works. I NEED to feel better soon. This has been the most miserable weekend of my life.

When Owen fell and busted his lip this morning, I looked towards the heavens and said, "You're joking, right?"

The ONLY good side of all of this was that I got to spend a little extra time with the husband, and we got through the previous season of Lost. So excited for the premiere TOMORROW!!

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  1. 1. "halfway through his sweet potato"--if that wasn't so sad, it would be the cutest thing ever
    2. congrats on the weight loss. that's awesome!
    3. i can't wait for LOST!!!!!!