Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Wild

So, anyone who knows me personally knows how much of a movie fanatic I am. I just finished watching the 81st annual Academy Awards, and I am totally impressed. The past few years, I think they have been so bland that I considered not even watching this year. But, wow, what a show! Initial thoughts:
I loved the ensemble presentation of major awards. AND, the way they presented the scenes for the best picture, with clips from other films, that was AWESOME.
Kate Winslet is such a fantastic actress and I'm so glad she finally won.
I guess I really need to see Slumdog Millionaire.
Sean Penn's acceptance speech was really moving. I loved the part about the great shame felt by the future grandchildren of haters.
Heath Ledger, single tear.
I really, really loved The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It is such a STORY, a spectacle, if you know what I mean. I can't wait to buy it when it comes out on DVD. If you have seen the movie, and know the story, you know the ending. Every time, even in little clips like the one at the Oscars, where Cate Blanchett bends down and kisses little toddler Benjamin, I start to BALL. I loved it.
I love Ben Kingsley's voice. I have sincerely loved it since he did a voice over for A.I., Artificial Intelligence. I think if he could narrate my life, or maybe read me bedtime stories, I would be a much calmer person.
Every year when they do the salute to people who have died in the past year, I always look for the people I really liked, like Paul Newman this year. I was especially looking out for Heath Ledger's clip, and it must have been the first friggin one, because I picked Owen up right at the beginning, and I somehow missed it? What movie was his clip from?
All in all, LOVED this year's show.
I don't have much time, because the bebe is waking up I think... But other things from the weekend:
Mary Beth is coming to visit!!! Yea!
We went to visit my brother in law and family. Owen got to spend some time with his cousins for the first time. Also, my youngest nephew is almost five months old. He has so much personality and is so expressive, I can't believe Owen will be where he is in just 3 and a half months. WOW.
Here are all the boys.

And me with Owen and his cousin, Justus.

-We found out Owen likes being in the car, as long as its moving. I sat in the car with him while Clint went into Walmart for 15 minutes and Owen screamed the entire time. He screamed so much he made himself sweat. He screamed so much he made me sweat. That was his first major "tantrum."
-Stopping the flow of breastmilk altogether is tricky, tricky business.
-I ordered a ring sling in the most beautiful fabric!!! I can't wait till it gets here! Partially because I really like the sling, and partially because Owen wakes up when I put him down after falling asleep on me. If I could carry him around and still get stuff done, my life would be a lot easier for the last 3 weeks of my leave.
I'm going to go get Owen out of his bassinett for the 3rd time


  1. Dr. Arch recommended prune juice for the #2 difficulties... will try this evening.

    Also, we have thrush now. Joy.

  2. Jeez... you guys get all the fun stuff.