Friday, February 20, 2009

uh oh...

The other night when I was sitting at the computer, I heard this loud sucking sound coming from Owen's bassinet. I got up and turned on the light. What I saw was hilarious. Then I managed to get this picture yesterday.

He's 5 and a half weeks old. My mom said I started sucking my thumb when I was 6 weeks old. She said that's also when I started sleeping through the night, so... YEAH THUMB SUCKING. Anything to get a decent night's sleep.

He also tolerated nearly an entire bath. I always wash his hair last, and it's either that part that he hates, or the fact that it's nearly the end of bath time and his patience has worn thin. Either way, during the bath yesterday, he made a sound that I can only assume was the early beginnings of a laugh. He still doesn't smile TOO much, but there are times when his eyes look happy. He looked like he was on the verge of a smile while I was washing his arms, and he let out a little half shriek/half ahhhh. I think he's really going to enjoy bath time when he's a little bit older.

I think he has also grown an attachment to a stuffed animal. My friend Katie brought a little blue stuffed beanie baby monkey to us in the hospital when he was born. I put the monkey in the bars on his changing table, right at his head level. Whenever he is getting changed, he stares at the monkey the entire time. I make the monkey act like he is kissing Owen's nose and cheeks, and Owen smiles. Everything I have read said that babies react first to human faces and then objects. He must love the monkey.

It's 7:52 a.m., and although there are many things I could do right now, like eat breakfast... Owen just went back to sleep after what seems like 15 middle of the night feedings. So... I am going to take a nap. Breakfast and everything else can wait.

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