Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 hours is a lifetime.

So, this is the first week Clint is home laid off. The whole situation is kind of both horrible and good at the same time. So he's laid off and we are going to bring in significantly less money for the time that he is (which is hopefully only partial and temporary). But he is also spending quality time with our 2-month old baby, time that he will never again be able to capture. This is priceless time. So in a way, it was good timing. Also, right now, the only expense we have for Owen is formula @ $21.00 a container, thank you very much. Thanks to the diaper raffle I had at my baby shower, I have yet to buy diapers, and will likely not have to for at least another month. He's just growing out of size 1, I have an industrial size box of the hybrid size 1-2, and several packages of 2's. I think we are in good shape.

I think he is also going to get baptized on April 26!! I'm so excited! My Aunt will hopefully come up from North Carolina, and all the Wheeling folks. I have to finalize plans with the church.

Clint has decided that while he is off work, he is going to dedicate his time to getting Owen on a schedule. It's actually going surprisingly well. He read about napping and play time, and is letting Owen have several 1-2 hour naps a day, with plenty of play time to wear him out before each feeding. We are also setting up a sleep routine. Last night when I got home from work, I gave him a bath using the bedtime bath wash that Virginia got me for my baby shower, and then I rubbed him down with Huggies soft skin lotion that MB brought when she visited (I wish I had bedtime bath lotion, too), then he had a bottle and slept for FIVE HOURS!!!!! SUCCESS!! Tonight, we did the same thing except he ate a little bit less than he did at his bedtime feeding last night, and he went to sleep a little earlier, so we might not make it five hours tonight.

However, he seems to be making progress.

Either way, it's 10:30, he has been asleep for almost an hour, so I better hit the hay!!!! Goodnight!
Owen and Mama, taken from Clint's cell phone on my lunch break yesterday.

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