Saturday, March 14, 2009

West Virginia, the best Virginia.

We have been taking a lot of pictures lately... Here are some of my favorites.

Who is it?

This thing is glued to my hand.
Say what?

Owen and mommy.

Owen and his big blue eyes.

Owen in his favorite position.

This picture looks so much like Clint's baby pictures I can't stand it! In all of his other pictures, I think Owen looks like me, but in this one, there is NO mistaking it.

Look at those eyes.

All clean!

He's growing like a weed. He has been sleeping a lot better these days too, except for last night. We had two consecutive nights of at least 4 hours sleep at a time, but then last night he was up every two hours. Two steps forward, one step back. However, it does appear he is getting better at finding the thumb. In fact, I think he has been sucking his thumb so regularly that he has a continuous little red callous-like mark on his knuckle! I'm curious to see if he is going to alternate from the left thumb to the right thumb. In my baby pictures it showed me sucking the left thumb, but I know that as I got older, I only sucked the right one. Interesting.
Virginia came to visit to today. She is getting really pregnant, it's so cute! She has a perfect little belly bump! I can't wait for her baby shower. I'm torn as to what to get her. There is a good idea for really neat personal stuff, and then an idea for really practical stuff. I can't decide. She also came bearing the gift of formula. Much appreciated.
The first week of work is down. It wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. I think it helped tremendously that I can walk home on my lunch breaks to see him if I want.
I finished The Reader yesterday. It was pretty good. Not at all like what I thought it was about. I am thinking about reading Twilight, but for now, Lexxi let me borrow Revolutionary Road which sounds much more intriguing to me than some vampire hoopla.
Owey bug is fast asleep in his bassinet, so I am going to hit the hay.


  1. Snugglesaurus made an appearance!

    He's so adorable, Kara. Glad that he's doing well, and finding his thumb.

  2. That outfit is one of my favorites, seriously!It's really soft and fits him perfectly now. I actually use the pants for several outfits!