Friday, March 6, 2009


So, my little Owey-bug got sick somehow. Of course, Clint and I were both sick last week, so it makes sense. How do you avoid getting your child sick, if both of his parents are sick? Either way, on Sunday, he started sounding congested in his nose and it seemed like he was really irritable. Monday morning he sounded more congested, and everytime I used his nasal aspirator, I was getting something out of his nose. So I called the doctor and he had an appointment to get checked out. Our pediatrician didn't really see much, and said that his lungs sounded fine and the best thing I could do would be to keep suctioning his nose and running a cool mist humidifier. So, I kept doing that and it seemed like Tuesday he wasn't as congested and he seemed to be eating OK. Tuesday night, he started getting even more congested, and his appetite decreased, so I started getting worried. He also started sleeping a lot, which he usually doesn't do.
So Wednesday at 8am on the dot, I called his pediatrician and told them what was going on. They made an appointment for him at 4:30pm. When we were at the doc's office on Monday, she told me that he could just have a cold and it would clear up on it's own, or it could be RSV and he would need hospitalized. So of course, when he wasn't getting any better by Wednesday, I automatically assume he has RSV and start freaking out. Well, before the doctor's appt. I just had a feeling she was going to want to admit him in the hospital. So, I packed a bag, just in case. Turns out I needed the bag. Sure enough, when she saw him, she said he had an ear infection in both ears... he lost an ounce since monday and that he sounded congested in his chest and that he should be admitted to make sure it wasn't RSV and to be monitered.
I of course felt like a horrible mother. Here my son is, not even 2 months old, and he's already been hospitalized twice (even though I don't really count the time for jaundice because he was brand new and we barely even left the hospital before going right back in). But, I don't know how he could have avoided getting any of my or Clint's germs when we are his sole caregivers.
So, we got admitted to the hospital. Clint stayed with us long enough to get settled into the room and then he went back to Med Express to get himself checked out again, because he was still coughing like crazy.
Owen was sleeping, so I got settled into the room, ordered some food, and then he started getting all kinds of treatment. First of all, did you know that they make baby hospital gowns? It's the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. I almost cried when they put it on him. I actually cried when they gave him an IV. I had to leave the room. My poor little man. He also had a chest x-ray and they started giving him breathing treatments every 3 hours. They tested him for RSV. They also have hospital bed cribs. The sides go up like a cage. Ugh, the whole thing makes me not want to go into a hospital again for a very long time. He managed to get to his thumb a lot, and somehow, he was extremely smiley at all the nurses and me through the whole ordeal.
My little bubby in his baby hospital gown, sucking his thumb.

His little IV.

Of course I packed the monkey. I put it next to him in the cage/bed so he could see it. My mom even said when she came to visit the next day that she thought all night about whether or not I brought the monkey and if I hadn't she was going to go to my house and get it. I can't believe how smiley he was. Everyone thought he was "pretty" and cute. Most people thought he was a girl, I think because of the peach gown and mostly because of our last name.

Our minister came to see us, which was really special. She said a prayer over him and brought me two banana nut muffins.

The RSV test was negative, and his chest looked and sounded fine. Thank God. The breathing treatments seemed to help and his congestion didn't get any worse. So we were discharged after about 24 hours with an antibiotic and a nebulizer to administer the breathing treatments.

I think the whole situation went pretty smoothly considering... It could have been a lot worse, and after thinking about it, looking at my little baby laying there hooked up to an IV and looking miserable, I am so thankful he was only there with a bad cold and ear infections. My heart goes out to families with ill children. I watched a special on TLC the other night on Progeria. I couldn't stop crying.

He seems to be doing much better today, my little man. Except that he has been awake since 4 and it is now 10:30. He took a couple of half hour naps in the middle there, but certainly not enough sleep. He's laying in his bed now, making little grunts and huffs and puffs, I think he is trying to find the thumb. Once his coordination is developed enough for him to get that thumb in his mouth every time he tries, he is going to be a different baby! It's amazing how frustrated a 2-month old can become over a thumb. I've gotta hand it to him though, he is determined.

So, while in the hospital, I slept about a minute. Last night Owen slept from 10 pm to 3 am! WOW! Maybe a fluke, or maybe his sleeping is going to start getting better at night. I was very thankful for the 4+ hours of sleep I got uninterrupted last night. Maybe we will repeat that tonight! Goodnight!!!


  1. That sounds so miserable; i dont know that i could have handled all the trauma. i would have been sucking my thumb!

    I hope you brought one of those gowns home; you know, for dress up:)

    Im so happy he is feeling better!

  2. Awww, Kara. I'm glad he's home and that he's getting better. Babies get sick, and then they get better, and honestly I've heard that if they're sick when they're little they may be less likely to be sickly when they're older.

    See? The blog is a great way to keep others up-to-date about Owen!