Sunday, March 29, 2009

One more time...

So, because my husband keeps closing my window of my partially updated-haven't been saved-I'll get back to it later-and then the window and whatever I wrote is now gone forever-blog, I will be typing this for the third time.

Everything on the home front is mostly good. Still no good news on Clint's job. They did NOT get the big order they were hoping for, but as Clint tries to assure me, the several smaller deals that are in the works are going to be just as good. There is also the 8.6m grant from the government that is supposed to be coming in April... I guess I am just pessimistic...or realistic... I need answers and results.

Owen has started sleeping ALOT. He wakes up around 7-8, takes a little nap between 9 and 10, usually takes a big nap from around 12-4, and then comes the evening. Turns out the boy has colic. Every evening around 6ish, Clint says he cries and cries and there is no consoling him. I know it's because he is tired, but he won't sleep! He gets himself so workd up that he can't relax. Clint has found (since I am at work at that time every week night) that putting him in his carseat and walking him around the apartment or putting him on the dryer is the only thing that helps him fall asleep. Once he falls asleep, by the time he wakes back up, he is usually out of the colic period of the night. When I get home at 9 (oh how I wish I was home for the evening with my family, but instead I am proofreading legal documents), I snuggle him for a few minutes and make him smile, and then we start the bedtime routine. Bath, lotion, bottle, bed. In the past two weeks, he has gradually been building up the amount of time he sleeps, and Thursday or Wednesday he slept 10 hours!!! If he goes to bed around 10, I can almost guarantee he will sleep until 6:30. There has been two times in the past week that he woke up before morning. Once because I think he started choking on his saliva and then another time because I think he had gas. If he does wake up before morning now, it takes very little time to get him back to sleep. Thank God, because now that he does sleep through the night, I will be so sad if we have to start trading off middle of the night feeds.

We have also been putting him down to nap in his own room in his crib for daytime naps. At first it was in the carseat, but the past few days I have been laying him down on his back in his crib, and if he wakes up, he sucks his thumb and falls back asleep. I think this will make it easier for when we go to putting him in his own room for the night. I told Clint when he sleeps through the night every night for two weeks, we could try putting him in his own room.

He also smiles and talks so much these days, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for him to laugh for the first time! I can't wait! I think he tries, but he doesn't yet grasp that he can make the same sounds Mommy and Daddy make everytime he talks and smiles. He does understand conversation it seems. I talk and then wait for him to respond, and he does! He makes his little noises and then I talk back. And before, where I had to touch his cheeks or lips (which I still do if I am trying to get him to smile for strangers) if we are at home, and it's either me, Clint or my mom, he smiles if you only look at him. Someone told me today that he looked like the Gerber baby and that he could be a model for baby magazines. I think he's the cutest baby I've ever seen, but I'm partial.

I scheduled his baptism for April 26 at the early service at church! It's a tiny congregation compared to the 11am service, but we know the most people at the morning service, and it's more intimate and we love it. Owen is always fantastic through church. He is quiet and looks around, usually falls asleep towards the end, and seems to impress everyone. He is such a good little church-goer.

I'm having a hard time being at work these days. When I know Clint is home with Owen and he is being colicky, it's all I can think about. I don't think people who don't have kids can understand. I hate that if it were up to Owen, his bedtime would probably be 7:30 or 8, but we hold him off until I get home from work. For now, Clint and I will continue to fantasize about what it would be like to win the lottery. We always plan to help our parents with their debts, pay off all our debt, invest wisely, and of course take fantastic vacations.

Still reading Revolutionary Road. It's really good, but I have about five seconds a day to look at a book. We watched Role Models and half of Milk this weekend. I can't wait until Marley and Me, the Reader, Revolutionary Road and Benjamin Button come out on video.

Things to look forward to, Shannon may come visit this weekend, Virginia's baby shower is coming up, possibly seeing the HONORS, (my friend Brandon's band) in Pittsburgh and seeing Nicole! And of course, my aunt visiting and seeing other relatives for Owen's baptism!

Good things.

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