Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A better day.

So Tuesday was better than Monday. Monday at work I kept thinking of his little smile and missed him so much that by the time I got home from work, I could not wait to snuggle him, and he was fast asleep. :(
Tuesday, work was pretty busy, but I got to take my lunch break at 5 and I came home for the break. Owen was awake and I was able to finish feeding him and then he fell right asleep on Mommy's shoulder. Then I had some soft tacos that my mom made for us and got back to work in plenty of time. I would like to come home for lunch more often. Then when I got home at 9, Owen was awake again and really pleasant, so I spent about 20 minutes just talking to him and giggling and smiling and hugging. Then I fed him and he slept from about 10:15 (after several tries to go to sleep) and slept until 2! Yeah! Then he was asleep again by about 2:30. He woke up briefly around 4, but he was just frustrated cause he couldn't find the thumb. Whenever he wakes up but doesn't actually open his eyes, I give him a few minutes to find the thumb, and if he just keeps getting frustrated, I get him out of his bed and rock him for a few minutes on my shoulder and he usually falls right asleep. He woke up for good around 5:40.
His 2-month doctor appointment was today at 8am, thank you. He weighs 12lbs, 13 oz and is 23.25 inches long. His lungs sound good, and his ear infections have cleared up! He didn't look congested in his nose and she said he's perfect! We can cut back slowly on the breathing treatments now. He's reaching all his milestones! She said he held his head up really well! I asked how long it should take for his coordination to improve enough for him to find the thumb and keep it in his mouth. She said if he is acting that determined about it and is that happy when he finds it, it shouldn't be long. Unfortunately, his shots had to be postponed because of the antibiotic. I used the sling to carry him between the doctor's office and the car. That went well. I hate lugging around the carseat everywhere. It's so heavy! He was wide awake the entire car ride from home to the hospital and didn't fuss once! Making progress here!!
My mom watching Owen seems to really be working out. She said the first day he was fussy, but yesterday was better. She said that she was able to sit him in the kitchen and do some stuff and he was patient for a while. My mom also offered to make dinner a few times a week. Last night I was able to come home so she made tacos. Tonight she is making barbecue ribs. It's not that Clint isn't capable of making himself dinner, he made burgers Monday night, but this way, my mom gets dinner too. She doesn't cook much anymore, because she doesn't think it's worth it to cook for one person.
I got up really early today, and I am essentially ready for work, so I am going to take a nap I think.
I have to take Owen's 8-week picture today. I can't forget.

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